CHAIRMAN With vision to provide full support to various professional engineering services, started trading in 1993 based on stockiest & Distributorship of products which can cater to piling/foundation contractor’s for their operations.
Today, in 2010 we have an ever-growing specialized product range of all kind of pumps, engines, piling/anchoring equipment & accessories. We have been successful in offering the latest technology based equipment & accessories for piling / Anchoring / dewatering fields.



Vertical Wellpoint Systems

System is adopted for shallow excavations of smaller areas of excavations. Depending on depths and width of excavation suitable system is provided.
  • Double – sided wellpoint system
  • Progressive wellpoint system
  • Multistage well point system

Deepwell System

Adopted for deeper excavations of larger project areas. Requires high standard of design & expertise in installation to achieve desired results. Depth of well depends on
  • Ground Permeability
  • Extent of area to be dewatered
  • Drawdown required.
This system is preferred on congested sites as it involves lesser number of accessories / components which may hinder the construction operations.

Our Valued Projects

Main Recently completed projects .
  • Project : Oval Tower Location : Business Bay, Dubai
  • Project : B+G+7P+HC+30+12+1Serv. Location : Sharjah
  • Project : 2B+G+6 Location : Al-Barsha, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+18 Location : Al-Nadha 1, Sharjah
  • Project : G+7P+HC+42 Location : Al-Mazaz, Sharjah
  • Project : 3B+G+8+HC
    Location : Al-Barsha First, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+4
    Location : Al-Qusais, Dubai
  • Project : 4B+G+12
    Location : Al-Barsha First, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+5
    Location : Dubai Media City, Dubai
  • Project : B+G+M+5P+6 Off+22 Res
    Location : Al-Musherriff, Ajman

Main on- going Projects.

  • Project : XL Tower Location : Business Bay, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+4 Location : Al-Baraha, Dubai
  • Project : Commercial Office / Clinic Location : Dubai Health Care City, Dubai
  • Project : 2B+G+3 Location : Dubai Investment Park, Dubai
  • Project : Ajman Pearl Location : Al-Musherriff, Ajman
  • Project : Dream Bay Tower Location : Business Bay, Dubai

  • Project : Marriot Beach Hotel Location : Cornish Road, Ajman
  • Project : Canada Business Centre - Tower 1 Location : Business Bay, Dubai
  • Project : Conrad Hotel Location : Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Project : Murrur Mixed Use Complex Location : Al Sawan, Ajman
  • Project : Ajman Pearl Location : Al-Musherriff, Ajman
  • Project : Al Fanar Tower Building Location : Al-Sharia-1, Fujairah
  • Project : 2B+G+4 Location : Jafza, Dubai

Apex International Construction & Land Dewatering LLC has developed equipments under the brand name of “Apex” to cater for dewatering applications under different conditions and project requirements. Different category of pumps have been developed and put to use.

  • Apex Piston Pump
  • Apex Centrifugal Pump
  • Apex Submersible Pump
Apex Emirates General Trading Co LLC fulfils our in house requirements of all the tools and equipments for better servicing and abundant requirements of any magnitude. To cater for installations of system & latter on its running round the clock Apex is fully equipped with:

  • Dewatering Pumps
  • Gensets, High Capacity
  • Mobile Vans – for emergency services
  • Jetting Pump
  • Drilling Machines
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Diesel Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Heavy Duty Pickups
  • Steel Casing / PVC Casing
    • Perforated
    • Plain
  • Heavy duty black Suction hoses
  • Layflat hoses of different kinds
  • Dewatering fittings of all kinds