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Apex has been a goal foreseen by enterprising dynamic and versatile mind was realized in year 1993. Eventually the founder Mr. S.P.Singh Oberoi, Chairman’s dream was coming true as the unit he started kept growing rapidly. Now after more than a decade in Gulf, it is enormously reputed organization which is not only confined to trading of branded products but has launched wide variety of its own brand i.e. “APEX” products. We are driven by commitment for continuous improvement and building up existing strength in developing new competence. With image of reliability & integrity our aim is to serve our old & new relations.

It is the trademark of the company that only specialized items are chosen and launched in the market so that the contracting agencies and business houses are benefited maximum. Apart from this it is assured that new products are easy to operate, handle & simple to understand. The use of these products in various situations is always demonstrated by team professionals and sales executives.


With a strong mix of commitment and supported by hard work has helped to add in 1995, APEX INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION & LAND DEWATERING LLC. Our professional approach while designing and installation of Deep well System to cater all kinds of deep excavations has shown excellent results in the region.

The professional approach of Apex to provide perfectly dry conditions for construction of foundation structures involves the removal and control of Sub Soil water in different kinds of strata. Dewatering system is designed, considering various parameters and then installed to fulfill the specific Project requirements. This is the one of the most essentials for constructions. Apex is one of the leading Dewatering Contractors using sophisticated / latest equipment and machinery for extraction of water from Sub Soil.

This company consists of mainly two divisions :

Key Features

WORKSHOP : We have facility of having our workshop located in Dubai / Aweer & Ajman fully equipped with required tools to take care of any emergency works at any time. All the required Equipments / Machinery is available with us along with all the spare parts of pumps, engines and other machinery. The accessories being used for dewatering works are readily available for any magnitude of jobs duly assisted by Trading House i.e. “APEX EMIRATES GENERAL TRADING CO. L.L.C”.

REPAIR TEAM : General repair of all our construction equipment is taken care by team of professional mechanics who are always mobile to take care of breakdowns at sites round the clock.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF : We have trained professional people for dewatering jobs of all types with varying depth and different soil strata’s in this part of the world.

Apart from this our services include through implementation of project requirements and total support for on site activities during project implementation. The monitoring of the project on continuous basis being done by Engineering wing of the company. The methodology during execution is explained apprehensively through drawings generated by professional AutoCAD personnel.

The motto of the company is to always give our best and provide the highest quality services. With this commitment we enter into a dialogue with our customer in which advice and cooperation are the keywords.

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