A PC strand, or prestressed concrete strand, is a excessive-strength, metal twine strand usually used as a reinforcement in prestressed concrete systems. Here are a few key points about PC strands:

Composition: PC strands are composed of multiple excessive-strength metal wires twisted collectively to form a unmarried strand. These wires are typically made from carbon metal with a high tensile energy.

Purpose: PC strands are used to impart prestress force to concrete systems. Prestressing is a way where internal stresses are introduced right into a concrete member before it is subjected to external hundreds. This facilitates to counteract the tensile stresses that occur whilst the shape is loaded, thereby enhancing its load-carrying potential, durability, and resistance to cracking.

Applications: PC strands are generally used in a whole lot of construction applications, which include bridges, buildings, parking structures, tanks, and other massive-scale concrete elements. They are embedded in concrete individuals along with beams, girders, and slabs to beautify their structural performance.

Types: PC strands come in numerous configurations, normally with 7 wires (7-wire strand) or 19 wires (19-wire strand) twisted together. The quantity of wires and the diameter of the strand can vary relying at the layout requirements and the quantity of prestress pressure wanted.

Manufacturing Standards: PC strands are synthetic according to unique requirements and specs, making sure constant excellent and overall performance. They are produced with specific tolerances to meet the structural necessities of the intended software.

PC Strand Wire in UAE

Sizes of PC Stand Wire

PC cord, or prestressed concrete wire, comes in numerous sizes relying at the application and the precise engineering necessities of the undertaking. The size of PC cord is generally laid out in phrases of its diameter. Commonly used diameters for PC wire include:

5 mm:

This is one of the smaller diameters used for PC twine. It is regularly utilized in smaller-scale packages or in which lighter prestressing is enough.

7 mm:

A slightly large diameter, appropriate for medium-sized prestressed concrete factors and applications where slight prestressing forces are required.

9 mm:

Used for large structural factors and packages in which better prestressing forces are needed to guide heavier loads or span longer distances.

12 mm:

This diameter is used for heavy-obligation applications, along with in bridge girders, massive beams, and different important structural factors requiring tremendous prestressing force.


In the context of cables, “PC” commonly stands for “prestressed concrete”. PC cables, or prestressed concrete cables, are high-electricity steel cables or strands used often within the creation of prestressed concrete structures. Here’s how PC cables are used and their importance in creation:

Prestressing Concrete: PC cables are embedded in concrete structures to impart compressive stresses (prestress) to the concrete earlier than it’s far subjected to external masses. This technique allows to counteract the tensile stresses that arise whilst the shape is below load, enhancing its load-sporting capacity, durability, and resistance to cracking.

Types of PC Cables: PC cables can are available diverse configurations, commonly as 7-cord strands or 19-twine strands twisted collectively. They are manufactured from excessive-tensile power metal wires which can be tightly wound together to form a robust and sturdy cable.

Applications: PC cables are used significantly within the construction of bridges, homes, parking systems, tanks, and other huge-scale concrete factors. They are usually found in precast concrete beams, girders, columns, and slabs in which their prestressing force enhances the structural integrity and overall performance of the concrete elements.

Advantages: By the use of PC cables, engineers can design thinner and lighter concrete elements that still maintain high energy and sturdiness. This leads to material savings and more green construction techniques.

Manufacturing and Standards: PC cables are manufactured in keeping with unique standards and specifications to make sure consistency and reliability of their performance. They are cautiously engineered to resist the forces carried out at some point of prestressing and the lengthy-time period service situations of the structure.

There are in most cases two types of PC Stand wire in UAE used in production:

Plain PC Wire: Plain PC wire, also known as easy PC wire, is a unmarried-strand wire with none surface indentations. It is usually used in applications wherein the wire isn’t required to bond immediately with the concrete, together with in publish-tensioned concrete systems. Plain PC wire is straightforward to deal with and may be without difficulty fashioned into numerous shapes at some stage in production.

Indented PC Wire: Indented PC twine, also known as deformed PC wire, has surface indentations or deformations along its duration. These indentations improve the bond electricity among the steel twine and the concrete, enhancing the transfer of stresses among the cord and the concrete matrix. Indented PC wire is generally used in pretensioned concrete factors where a sturdy bond with the concrete is vital to obtain effective prestressing.

Both types of PC cord are made from high-energy steel and are available in numerous diameters and tensile strengths to in shape extraordinary structural requirements. The desire among plain and indented PC cord relies upon on factors which includes the specific layout requirements, the type of prestressing method getting used (pre-tensioning or submit-tensioning), and the structural overall performance standards of the concrete detail being built.

PC Gauge Wire

PC cord is commonly labeled and particular by using its diameter in place of gauge. The diameter of PC cord can vary depending on the precise utility and engineering necessities of the challenge. Common diameters of PC cord range from approximately five mm to 12 mm or even larger, relying at the load necessities and structural design concerns.

PC wire with a diameter of five mm is frequently utilized in smaller-scale programs or wherein lighter prestressing is enough.
PC cord with diameters of 7 mm, nine mm, and 12 mm are typically used for medium to massive-scale structural elements in which better prestressing forces are required to guide heavier loads or span longer distances.
It’s critical to word that the diameter of PC wire is specified in millimeters (mm) in preference to gauge, that is more typically used to specify the thickness of wires in different contexts including electrical wires or sheet metal.

Applications of PC Stand Wire in UAE:

PC strand cord (prestressed concrete strand twine) is utilized in diverse applications where prestressed concrete is needed. Here are a few commonplace programs of PC strand wire:


PC strand twine is extensively used within the creation of bridges, in particular for prestressed concrete bridge girders and beams. The prestressing enables to counteract the tensile stresses that bridges are subjected to under load, improving their load-sporting capacity and durability.


In building creation, PC strand wire is used for diverse structural elements inclusive of columns, slabs, and beams. It lets in for longer spans and thinner sections in comparison to traditional reinforced concrete, thereby decreasing the general weight and value of the structure.

Parking Structures:

PC strand wire is typically hired in the construction of parking decks and systems. It allows to create more open and column-free areas by using assisting the weight of the shape more effectively thru prestressing.

Industrial Facilities:

PC strand wire is utilized in commercial centers for building heavy-responsibility floors, storage tanks, and different massive-scale concrete elements that require excessive load-bearing ability and resistance to cracking.

Railway Sleepers:

PC strand cord is used within the manufacture of prestressed concrete railway sleepers (ties). Prestressed sleepers offer improved track stability, decreased upkeep wishes, and longer service life as compared to conventional reinforced concrete sleepers.

Poles and Piles:

PC strand wire is used for prestressed concrete poles and mounds utilized in creation and infrastructure projects. These consist of utility poles, transmission line poles, and basis piles for homes and bridges.

Water Retaining Structures:

PC strand twine is applied in the construction of water tanks, reservoirs, and dams where the structural integrity and durability of concrete are essential.

Pre-cast Elements:

PC strand wire is crucial in the manufacturing of pre-solid concrete elements such as beams, slabs, and panels utilized in numerous creation tasks. These elements are manufactured off-website online beneath controlled conditions, ensuring high exceptional and precise dimensions.